Embrace the life within you.

Let it breathe joyfully and peacefully.

Let it prosper itself!!!

You just nourish it daily with love, care, and compassion!!!

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Values

We Live with the Value of care, service & integrity.


CARE: People are our greatest assets. We are committed to acting with care and compassion for every life we touch.

SERVICE: ‘Service through heart’ is the credo that Conscience Connect lives by. We are committed to serving our fellow beings and community with EXCELLENCE, RESPECT, and DEVOTION.

INTEGRITY: Being ethical and honest in everything that we do lies in the DNA of Conscience Connect.


Our Vision

Create a world in which every person can achieve the purpose of his or her life with a staunch belief that involves a lot of commitment, courage, and compassion towards the self.

When self is realized and consciously connected to the higher conscience, it leads to better perspectives, promises, and prospects.

Women Enrichment

You are the Energy,
You are the Creator,
You are the Originator,
Everything starts with You,
Be what you are!!! 

Email: info@conscienceconnect.com

Phone: 9910047147

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